There's a lot going on here in San Diego...


03/22/10 The City’s $185 million bond issue would be illegal.

The City Council has docketed its final approval of the $185 million "lease-lease" bond issue for this Tuesday as Item 50 on the Consent Agenda. That's right the "Consent" Agenda. I intend to go down and "pull" this Item [Read entire story]

03/11/10 Is Municipal bond debt the next Wall Street scam?

Last Tuesday, March 9, 2009, San Diego City staff from the Debt Management Department and from our City Attorney's office acted as salespeople for J. P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and other Wall Street [Read entire story]

03/09/10 Voting while under the influence – of money.

A recent land use vote at City Council provides a fascinating peek into the moral characters of our six Democratic City Councilmembers. The issue at hand was a proposed street vacation in front of the La Jolla home of [Read entire story]

Cabbage patch kids

The difference between you and a leafy green vegetable. [Read entire story]

You talking to me?

Citizen activist Ian Trowbridge is officially seeking an apology from Port Commissioner Steve Cushman, for referring to opponents of port projects as negos. [Read entire story]

Stadium builder’s bucks criticized

A developer intent on building a professional football stadium near Los Angeles and bringing the NFL back to the area was criticized Thursday for a campaign contribution. [Read entire story]

Port commissioner is critical of ‘negos’

He says they're standing in the way; Frye doesn't like the term [Read entire story]

County assessor race gets new player

A new candidate has joined the race for county clerk-recorder-assessor in a big way. [Read entire story]

Council issues amazing proclamation

Today is not just Groundhog Day, it's also "Meghan and Cheyne: Amazing Race Winners Day" in San Diego. [Read entire story]

Black Eyed Peas announce San Diego show

Tickets for the April 3 show at the San Diego Sports Arena go on sale Saturday. [Read entire story]

Media in the tank for state high-speed rail

On the San Francisco Chronicle and Fresno Bee editorial pages, a sliver of positive news about the state bullet train project is celebrated while a mountain of bad news is ignored. [Read entire story]

Lockyer defends record as AG

The spokesman for the state treasurer takes exception to my potshot at Lockyer in a post going after Jerry Brown. [Read entire story]

Mayor Sanders is cast for Prop. 8 trial

Actor played Con Stapleton in "Deadwood" [Read entire story]

UC students were protesting over fee hikes they don’t have to pay

First came the groundless whining over San Diego State's changed admissions policy. Now it turns out that most UC students' whining over tuition hikes was even more groundless. [Read entire story]

Will Pringle, gov’s aide go along with rail authority parsing?

The big news about the California bullet train this month isn't the fact the federal government has provided $2.34 billion toward its projected $40 billion cost. It's that the LAO says the California High Speed Rail [Read entire story]

Jerry Brown’s single-payer stonewalling: More from Nexis

The next governor almost certainly will have to decide whether or not to sign a bill forcing a state takeover of health care. Why is he mum about it? Cuz he knows it's political dynamite. But what has he said about it in [Read entire story]