Best Metro Areas For First-Timers

San Diego is only for affluent buyers now: Best metro areas for first-time buyers in 2023 Bankrate ranked 50 metro areas across four broad categories: housing prices in relation to local wages; the tightness of the local [Read entire story]

NSDCC Jan & Feb Stats

Combining the January and February stats gives us the larger sample sizes to better identify the trends. The sellers are doing a phenomenal job at restricting the supply, and there have been enough buyers to keep the [Read entire story]

Changing How Homes Are Sold

Between the lawsuits that will decouple commissions and that funnels all inquiries back to the listing agent, the buyer-agents are cooked. It’s just a matter of time. Hat tip to RE News – an [Read entire story]

First Test of Spring, 2023

This is the type of premium offering that has enough going for it that they should get their money. The non-pool buyers probably won’t like it at any price, but those who want turnkey with big view on a culdesac [Read entire story]

Home Design Trends, 2023

Are meaningful design changes coming our way? Are we done with white kitchens yet? Read more here: [Read entire story]

Tour of New Listing

I had four showings of my new listing today, and the buyers sure seemed serious – and we might not make it to open house weekend. Here’s a quick spin around the house, plus a surprise at the end: [Read entire story]

Dark Side of the Moon

What many consider to be the greatest album of all time, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, was released 50 years ago today. It was ranked in the Billboard 200 from 1973 to 1988 (15 years straight!). The last time [Read entire story]

NSDCC Feb Sales & Pricing, Prelim

It was the most insane frenzy ever, and it was the most intense at the beginning of last year as inventory started to thin out. Compared to that environment, I think these stats look pretty good: NSDCC Monthly Sales and [Read entire story]

$3,950,000 Beach Hut

Our new listing across from Tide Beach Park in Solana Beach has fully-approved plans to build a spectacular Mark-Morris-designed California Modern Contemporary – or just enjoy your beach cottage! Mark designed the [Read entire story]

San Diego Case Shiller Index, Dec

The local index is 11% lower than its peak in May. The beauty about this market is that buyers don’t have to fight with the decision to buy now or wait. Because the inventory of quality homes is so thin, having to [Read entire story]

Proposition 19

Proposition 19 is a ballot initiative in California that would allow homeowners over the age of 55, severely disabled homeowners, and victims of natural disasters to transfer their primary residence’s tax [Read entire story]

Fewer Agents

With the number of sales taking a dive for the next few months – which could turn out to be a few years – we really don’t need as many realtors. Older agents who have been looking for a reason to retire [Read entire story]

X at the Rady Shell

One of the biggest shows of the year rolls into town on Tuesday, and many of us are still scratching our heads about who should headline.  I paid to see the Psychedelic Furs play the OAT at SDSU back in the 1980s and [Read entire story]

Shiller on Home Prices

If the reason the housing frenzy stalled was due to higher mortgage rates – and then mortgage rates come down – shouldn’t it ease the concerns? Unfortunately, the national doom-and-gloom is heavy and [Read entire story]

Rustic Ranch in Olivenhain

Check out Kate’s Old-Spanish-style one-story listing on 2.27 acres in Olivenhain! [Read entire story]

Over List, July

The graph above shows how the 2021 off-season wasn’t off by much, with nearly half of the Nov-Jan sales closing over their list price. We probably won’t see that happen this year! On the street, it feels like [Read entire story]