[Arts & Culture]: Drinking responsibly at the Morley Field disc-golf course

Or: Hey, you kids, get off of our lawn! On the first tee of the finely groomed Morley Field disc-golf course, five college-age kids are waiting to begin their round. [Read entire story]

[News & Opinion]: How Laura Duffy exacerbated the prank against her

Medical-marijuana hoaxsters reveal how the plans changed when the media circus began How does one get from 15th-century tapestries illustrating the King of Portugal’s military conquests to an elaborate prank perpetrated [Read entire story]

[Arts & Culture]: ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ is a magical mystery tour

It’s clear why Malik Bendjelloul’s new documentary was a hit at Sundance Back in 1970, a Detroit singer-songwriter called Rodriguez released the album [Read entire story]

[Music]: A radio station in Golden Hill?

Community group wants to get on the airwaves—plus, more music news A community group in Golden Hill wants to launch its own radio station. [Read entire story]

[News & Opinion]: Co-sleeping and my family’s ongoing relationship with Honda

The CRV was probably not built for sex, but it surely does the trick Some time ago (OK, fine, so it was just before Ruby started kindergarten), after many years of struggling with our now 7-year-old’s well-documented [Read entire story]

[Top news]: Wine That’s Fun is aptly named

In-home tasting parties are great for novices and seasoned drinkers Most times, if you say "WTF" about a wine, it's not a good thing. But the cheeky acronym behind Heather Hudson's brand stands for [Read entire story]

[Food & Drink]: Memorable wads of wisdom from our food writers

Ten excerpts that made us laugh and drool In the last decade, CityBeat’s food writers have hit up fancy spots, holes-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic eateries and even strip clubs (see below) in the hopes of turning readers [Read entire story]

[Music]: Josh Damigo expands sound, stays romantic

On new album, singer-songwriter sounds as lovestruck as ever Josh Damigo [Read entire story]

[Top news]: San Diego municipal workforce remains whiter than the populace

New hires have brought modest improvements in diversity San Diego’s city government is significantly whiter than the population it serves, especially when it comes to the city’s top brass, according to a report released [Read entire story]

[Top news]: ‘Blue Ruin’ gets at the heart of revenge

Director Jeremy Saulnier’s slow-burn tale of vengeance is lean and mean [Read entire story]

[Food & Drink]: Best of the brews

San Diego beers you'll enjoy way more than other beers The point is, I’ve still got Best of the Best fever and the only prescription—is a best-of list. And possibly more cowbell. It’s good with everything, really. [Read entire story]

[Music]: Spanks, gematria and no big deal

Let our Hit List guide your nighttime activities Starting a story with “According to” is lame. It’s almost as bad as using Wikipedia as a source. That said, according to Wikipedia, the word “gematria” means “a system of [Read entire story]

‘Society of Petty Journalists’

Who watches the watchdogs*? Easy: They watch, snarl and bite at each other, ruthlessly.--- [Read entire story]

[Top stories]: Another reason to legalize marijuana

North Park shooting compels us to renew our call for decriminalization A little after noon last Friday, two men—at least one of them armed—entered a building on Ray Street in North Park, where a medicinal-marijuana [Read entire story]

[Food & Drink]: Vintana’s strong flavors knock you out

Too many ingredients don’t always equal a dish that works I’ve heard a lot of mutterings, not many of them flattering, about the restaurant-in-a-car-dealership locale of Vintana Wine + Dine. [Read entire story]

[Arts & Culture]: Photographers unite for Medium Festival

Inaugural event draws shooters from near and far Scott B. Davis’ fine-art career took off after [Read entire story]